The Wyoming Freedom Caucus is a group of representatives, who currently serve in Wyoming’s legislature. We are dedicated to upholding open, accountable, and limited governments, as well as the Wyoming and United States Constitutions, the rule of law, and legislation that promotes the liberty, safety, and prosperity of all Wyoming and American citizens. The caucus is committed to defending the inalienable rights of all Americans.


Freedom Caucus Members

Our members champion Republican values such as smaller government, strong family values, and the protection of individual freedoms and liberties as outlined in the U.S. and Wyoming constitutions. Despite being a minority in the legislature, the caucus has achieved significant milestones on behalf of the people. Notably, they successfully advocated for the passage of the crossover voting bill to ensure fair and secure primary elections, and they played a crucial role in enacting a ban on boys competing in girls sports. Additionally, the caucus has passed two robust bans on abortion, which are currently being contested by opponents in Wyoming courts. Furthermore, they have supported and helped pass a Second Amendment Protection Act, safeguarding citizens’ right to bear arms by preventing federal interference.


Our Story

The Wyoming Freedom Caucus traces its origins back to a small group of conservative Wyoming House Representatives who began gathering to demonstrate their solidarity in slowing down the leftward shift of the establishment and the state as a whole. By 2017, this group had grown to approximately five legislators. As grassroots movements in the state grew increasingly concerned about the disregard of their wishes by political insiders, the Wyoming Freedom Caucus gained momentum. By 2020, they constituted nearly one-third of the House of Representatives. In 2022, Wyoming voters sent a resounding message with a “red wave” of conservative legislators, including a solid 26 conservative votes led by the Wyoming Freedom Caucus, challenging the Uniparty’s efforts to maintain their power. The open hostility displayed by the Uniparty in obstructing the will of the people has highlighted the stark contrast between the Wyoming Freedom Caucus and the established party. This has presented voters with a clear choice, and the Wyoming Freedom PAC is committed to supporting more conservative candidates, thereby fostering the growth of the caucus and transferring governing power away from the political insiders.


Our Mission

Our mission is to raise funds to support members of the Wyoming Freedom Caucus and their allies during their election campaigns. Wyoming is on the verge of signaling that the era of business as usual for the Uniparty is coming to an end. The Wyoming Freedom PAC will ensure that donations are utilized to back candidates who will listen to the people of Wyoming and champion legislation that aligns with conservative values.

We hope to champion your support and we work to restore fair representation of the people, and conservative values in our legislature.



Wyoming Freedom PAC members have sponsored several Bills that have brought conservative values and constituent needs to the legislature.

Jeanette Ward was the prime sponsor on HB0066 and HB0143, which would have outlawed discrimination for not wearing a mask, not getting vaccinated, or not getting tested, and nullified the CDC and WHO’s jurisdiction in Wyoming, respectively (both bills failed on 3rd reading in the WY House, along ideological lines, 29-32). She also made the motion to pull SF0117 from the Speaker’s desk, which would have made it illegal to discuss homosexuality and gender identity with children in grades K-3 and required that schools inform parents of any changes in their children’s mental health (pronoun usage). That motion failed by a vote of 27-34, conservatives to liberals.

Rachel Rodriguez-Williams was the prime sponsor and champion of 2023’s HB0152 “Life is a Human Right Act,” and 2022’s HB0092, the Wyoming abortion “trigger law.”

Chip Neiman was the prime sponsor of 2021’s HB0229 “Livestock Identification Choice Act”, which protects the privacy of livestock owners from governmental disclosure, which was signed into law. He was cosponsor and architect of 2022’s HB92, the Wyoming abortion “trigger law”, 2023’s HB0152 “Life is a Human Right Act,” and is acting as an intervenor in the lawsuit filed against Wyoming’s abortion ban. He was also the prime sponsor of 2023’s HB0070, which guarantees homeschool freedom by eliminating the requirement that an instructional program be provided by a single-family unit. The bill was signed into law in 2023.

Jeremy Haroldson sponsored HB103 which addressed crossover voting in Wyoming. Jeremy’s passion is to see the constitutional role of government reestablished and to make sure that freedom is preserved for our nation and for the generations to come.

Scott Smith was the prime sponsor of HB146 lobbying restrictions. This Bill would have restricted legislators from becoming a lobbyist for two years after they are done serving in office.

Daniel Singh made his mark by introducing HB239, which decriminalized unattended vehicle idling. He championed Senate File 131, which prohibited the delivery of unsolicited ballot request forms, which passed both the House and Senate but was vetoed by the Governor.

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